I have always wondered if Medium writers who are dues paying members have greater success in getting their articles curated. I have so far refused to pay membership fees, especially considering that Medium has their own publications and those writers get to share in the money allocated for “reader engagement”. In general terms that is considered double dealing. From my perspective a conflict of interest.

Subsequently, ever since the new Medium business model of paying writers took effect, I have never had any of my articles curated and the amount of reads that I get are anemic. For this reason, I stopped writing for Medium in July. In fact, I started to migrate my better articles to HubPages. Not putting a plug in for them; just commenting, since I am not sure how this experiment is going to turn out.

Any thoughts on this?

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I write about culture, international trade, and history. Taught international business at two universities in Beijing, China. https://hubpages.com/@jcscull

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