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  • Joe Lewis

    Joe Lewis

    I am a ten year-old boy who likes to read and write. I am joining Medium as I want to post my stories and get reader’s opinions.

  • Tim Cavey

    Tim Cavey

    Host of the @TeachersonFire 🎙podcast. MS Teacher. Big believer in Growth Mindset. EdTech should promote the 5 Cs. MEdL.

  • Maria Angel Ferrero

    Maria Angel Ferrero

    Feminist, Writer, PhD, Researcher & Professor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship U. Montpellier, editor @thefacultypub and @thebravewritter blog: mariangelf.com

  • Caroline Zelonka

    Caroline Zelonka

    Despite the lack of an inner monologue, I think about things a lot.

  • Giovanni Hojeije

    Giovanni Hojeije

    LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Proud Brazilian, born & raised. Genealogy obsessed. Geek. Political scientist and Art Historian in the making.

  • Danny Schleien

    Danny Schleien

    Writer, editor, explorer, lifelong learner. Social distancing expert since 1994, big fan of semicolons and Oxford commas. Think green.

  • Alice Toneatto

    Alice Toneatto

    🇮🇹 bookkeeper & content creator. Food addict, animal lover & solo traveler. I write about money, food, travel & human behaviors

  • Jeff Hanlon

    Jeff Hanlon

    Jeff Hanlon lives on the shores of the Caribbean where he spends his days in shorts and sandals making stuff up.

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